Thursday, 16 February 2012

Page nine.

Double Tag!

So..I've been tagged..twice! In order to keep this post as short as possible, I will try my best to combine the two. I was tagged by -

Artwork by Aysh

KB, from the humorous and insightful, The world, the way I see it.
Aysh, from the hilarious, Meow Meow.

Post the rules.
Write 11 random things about yourself.
Answer the questions set by the previously tagged person.
Create 11 new questions.
Tell the people they've been tagged.

11 Random things about myself..

I am: A fashion-loving student of Mathematics; A DOS-Adventure-game obsessed qualified Artist of Make-up; A 'few screws loose upstairs' woman of Business.

I am unnaturally fanatical  about Doctor Who, Marvel Comics and The Mighty Boosh.

I lost my mind some years back. I'm still in search of it.

I don't consume any meat (other than boneless chicken breast, occasionally,) cooked vegetables, seafood, any type of cheese other than mozzarella or cheddar, oats or seeds, olives or.. 
I guess at this point, it would be easier to just say I don't eat food.
(I do eat. It's just a bit of a struggle.)

Last year, I was diagnosed with OCD. I'm trying to work past it.
Dining at another person's house, for the first time in a very long time, this weekend, will most definitely be a challenge!

I value nothing, more than loyalty and honesty. I can, at times, be a little too honest though.

I'm not actually as grim as this blog may represent me - or not completely, at least. There is a happier me. He exists over at Cubic Bubble.
The two sides of my personality just don't overlap. At all.

I prefer to fall in love materialistically, as opposed to loving people. It's just easier  that way.

I am scared of the dark, tight spaces, deep water and spiders.
I fear people.

I'm pretty damn amazing at Temple Run, for iPhone.

I would die for anyone. I live for just a couple.

11 Questions from KB..

1. Do you like how your blog is?
For now, I think it will do. I don't love it. But it has the potential be great.

2. Is there something you won't like people to know about your feet?
I lost both feet in the second world war.

3. What was your lunch?
I haven't had lunch in years.

4. Ever been to Santa Fe, NM?
Nope. I do have plans to travel the world though, starting with backpacking through Europe this Summer.

5. Do you like to read? If so, what genre?
I love to read anything that can make me laugh or cry.
Otherwise, something to do with Maths, Economics, the stars or Nazi Germany? Not Mein Kampf.
The Book Thief is pretty damn amazing, though.

6. If you could punch your best friend in the face pretty hard to free your conscience of something, what could that thing be, and would you do it?
Yes, I would do it. (No, I wouldn't.) I love punching people. (I do.)
I would free myself of finding the thought of living more stressful than the thought of dying. Deep. I know.

7. Love or money?
Money. Without a doubt. I tried love - didn't work.

8. Are you straight edge? Why/why not?

Bear with me, as I turn to the Urban Dictionary, to try and understand this question..

...In both cases, no. I am not a straight edge. But thanks for educating me!

9. Burger King or McDonalds?
I don't buy food from either. I don't really do fast food.

10. Are you happy with life?
Sorry, didn't quite catch the question. Never mind.

11. Did you enjoy answering these questions?
More than I have enjoyed anything in my whole life.

I will have to answer Aysh's questions, and my questions, in a separate post, tomorrow, as this post is getting pretty damn long! 

Peace out, brothers.

- T - 


  1. Really? You would pick money! You can always get can't always get love!

    1. It's not that I would pick money over love. I would pick anything over love right now.

      I tried love - it's really not for me. I think I've just given up on it, to be honest.

      GM x

    2. It's a tough call I suppose. As you know, I combined the two by financially investing in my relationship, but love really can provide a lifetime of happiness, but it can also land you a big fat wound that will never truly heal.

      Although monetary splurges rarely provide eternal happiness, I can see why GM chose the less risky of the two by going with money. At least with money, you have complete control over what comes in and goes out of your life. :)

    3. Tina, you've worded my thoughts perfectly.

      GM x

  2. you know I still have no idea whether you're a boy or a girl :)

    1. HAHAHA ME NEITHER! But I was leaning toward boy based on one of the comments left on my blog. I think I enjoy the mystery of androgyny though. :p

    2. Haha! (I actually laughed out loud reading this!)

      Maybe I should do a poll. Let the readers decide my gender! :P

      GM x

    3. well Gaping says in the post above that s/he's "a woman of business" and then s/he says "There is a happier me. HE exists over at Cubic Bubble"

      Either Gaping is confused or is a gay man (my radar tells me it's the second) :)

    4. To be honest, I do use gender terms quite loosely. I give everything a gender..My car is a he..My Playstation is a she.

      I have put a poll up..let's see what people think! (If they see it there)

      GM x

  3. I've been tagged in 4 more of these things. I don't know if I can do all of them though. :P

    1. I feel for you! It's so difficult finding 11 people that haven't been tagged before.

      GM x

  4. Really bro? No fast food? OH HELLNAW YOU'RE LYING!

    1. I have it here and there..but you know, it's a rarity. I do like it..just can't eat it :(

      GM x

  5. yay meowing Octopus made the cut :D
    I'm unbelievably shit at Temple run man. my highest score is like 800,000 whislt everyone else is bragging about their million marks :(

    1. What are you on? That's really good!

      GM x