Thursday, 5 January 2012

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An Afterglow

13 billion years ago, not long after the theoretical rise of the universe, there shone a bright star. In fact, the intensity of its brightness was ten thousand times more than that of the sun. And ultimately, it was its own passionate glow that served the star its short lived life.

Collapsing in on itself, this luminous star resulted in a cosmic explosion so large, that its blast had shone with the light of ten million-billion earth suns.

This phenomenon can be seen to be somewhat relative to the human existence, as it has been famously quoted by many; “Only the good die young.”

Those that are full of life, full of vivacity, appear, by observation, to be inclined to an earlier passing; leaving far too many dead people, living. To name just a handful – Anne Frank, Wolfgang Mozart,  Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Martin Luther King – each of them, in their own way, an inspiration to millions.

A look at ourselves: We have but one chance to accomplish our goals, to fulfil our beliefs, to leave a mark. But to many, this will mean nothing. We choose to live in fear – shielding ourselves, to the extent of denying life, of what it should be. Yes, in our day, the world is a terrifying place, but what is the worth of life, if it is not lived? Throughout existence, seek freedom, knowledge and companionship. Throughout death, be sure to have left for your companions - a sense of liberation, anecdotes of wisdom and aching hearts – for sometimes, it can feel as though all you have left of a person, is the pain of losing them.

A look at those around us: Although many can be reluctant to do so, it is in the human nature to respond to conviction, with an investment – from the greatly common ‘get rich quick’ systems, with the investing of money, to individual relationships, in which we invest our trust; our love. It is for this reason, that there is no pain greater, than that of losing a loved one. It can feel as though a part of us also dies, with the death of a companion. Yet, this is not at all the case. Be it through remembrance, pain, or knowledge, that bond you have with another, can never be taken.

Today, if we look up at the night sky, not far from Polaris, the North Star, we see a small red glow sitting just by the constellation, Leo. Although the cosmic explosion – which was viewed by many, back in April 2009 – lasted a mere ten seconds, the afterglow of this dying star remains.

"Only the good die young." - Oliver Herford

Not a single soul can leave completely, for the moments we spend with those dearest to us, are preserved by our minds; sheltered by our hearts. Although they may not shine as brightly, that wistful, adoring and heart-aching afterglow will undoubtedly endure.

For four uncles, three aunts, two grandparents, a brother and a father.

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  1. That is because cautious people never leave their homes.

  2. This is beautiful.

  3. Love this.
    The only thing promised to us in this life is death. We all know it's inevitable, but it's still devastating to lose a loved one.

    When I was a kid I used to hope that i lived for ageeesssss, but I was talking to a lovely little 91 year old lady, who was probably in better health than I am! She was saying how she just wants to die (not in a depressing 'woe is me' kinda way), she was just being blunt. She outlived most of her family in friends and isn't interested in anything the world today has to offer her. This made me think that I'd rather die young, knowing that I lived my life in a familiar, happier time.

    In some respects I think you shouldn't fear death (theres always gunna be some element of angst associated with it!) but if you're living your life everyday doing the things you wanna do, living the life you wanna live, believing the beleifs that make you feel whole, then what's there to be worried about?

    Great post as always :)

  4. Thanks.

    I don't see it from death's view, but from life. The point is to make each moment count.

    GM x

  5. We are such a small microcosm of unimportance, from a universal point of view, that it is such an utter waste of our fleeting existence to spend it caught up around things that don't matter. Do what makes you happy, make a positive impact on the lives of your nearest and dearest, even those that aren't that near, and you can enter into oblivion happy that you have done as much as you possibly could with your time.

    A genuinely enjoyable read. Thanks for stopping by my way. Without doing so, I might have missed out on this.

  6. Cranface, I agree completely. And wow, thank you.

    GM x

  7. Hi GM!

    I think Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives.
    People need to start living, living as though each day could be their last. We search for true happiness, yet skip the smily face :D when we get to it.

    A man should not leave this earth with unfinished business. He should live each day as if it was a pre-flight check. He should ask each morning, am I prepared to lift-off?

    Truly, only the will you re'unite with those 'good ones'.

    Thanks, was an excellent article.

  8. Thanks - Love your view on death being more universal than life. It's certainly a beautiful way of summarising my post!

    GM x