Friday, 13 January 2012

Page five.

The Plight Of Judgement

We stand out in the street,
Exchange small talk, and smile,
Discussing the week’s events,
And our families, for a while.
Walking indoors,
A quick glance and a wave,
Such a sweet boy,”
To myself, I would say.

But late in the night,
A disturbance so profound,
Shrieking obscenities,
Have left me dumbfound.
The woman that bore him,
She will listen and cry,

You cancer ridden bitch,
Why don’t you just die?!

The screaming continues,
For minutes on end,
They get louder and louder,
Continuing to ascend.

Maybe it’s paranoia,
But it sounds like assault,
There’s no screaming, as such,
But it’s he, who’s at fault.
I assume things are thrown,
I hear them violently land,

Should I just ‘pop over’?
Could I stop this man?

Then all of a sudden,
No commotion, I can hear,
Almost a bang of silence,
It all seems so unclear.
No crying, nor shouting,
Everything seems so still,
No profanities heard,
I’m losing the will…

Now, his mother is sick,
And her leech of a son,
Does not wish for her health,
But to her face, wants her gone.

I hear a door slam shut,
So I head out to see,
A dark figure approaches,
No. It cannot be.

Standing out in the street,
An awkward glance, and a smile,
Not a single word spoken,
From the daunting profile.
The blood from her hands,
Is washed away with the rain,
Vague, lies her expression,
No indication of pain.

Who was I to cast judgement,
When no truth, did I seek?

The boy’s life would remain,
Had I not been so weak.

No consequence is justified by the bliss of ignorance.

- T -


  1. Wow this is a phenomenal piece of art. I'm sorry you had to hear all of that, and are feeling so much guilt from it, but I do hope that you know the death could have been prevented with your intervention yes, but it also could have been prevented should the woman had not chosen to resort to violence.

    If this was all fiction, then YAY! If not, then I am happy that at least you were able to turn something so daunting into something so beautiful. :)

    1. It's a bit of both - The basic storyline is true, but I did adjust it a little.

      And thank you!

      GM x

  2. Brilliant poem and brilliant message xo

  3. Hi GM,
    this was amazing! I actually read it twice.
    loved every single part of it.

    Your a true inspiration ,

  4. Wow! You are very bright and talented, and I pray that you channel it well. God has big plans for you!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This may seem a little inappropriate to ask, but would you ever consider elaborating on this poem in a future post? I actually found your blog a few weeks back (and have been looking for it since! It is now bookmarked dammit!) and this poem has been with me ever since. Your talented to say the least, but this poem really is something special.
    I'm sorry you had to experience something like this, but I believe God does things for a reason - If you don't see that yet, God willing, some day you will.

    1. Wow, that means a lot. Thank you.

      I've taken a HUGE break from blogging, so should be getting back to it over the next few weeks. I will definitely consider a follow up to this poem, but can't make any promises - I don't really have much control over what I write, it kinda just happens.

      But again, thank you.

      GM x