Sunday, 18 December 2011

Page one.

An Introduction

I admire nothing, as I do passion. That drive to discover, to reach, to achieve - it's mesmeric.

A brief introduction of myself: I am in my youth - my life patiently waiting to be lived, even if I do refuse to see a future.

My relationships with beings are held, and bonded, with my mind - my coherent self.
My relationships, be them somewhat disconnected, with Mathematics, Economics, Music, Fashion and of course Doctor Who, are held and bonded with my heart - my partial self.
For me, everything may not be in order, but is, most certainly, in control.
Something personal: I had experienced, most unfortunately, a full life, before reaching the mere age of 20. I see what many people do not. I feel what most people cannot. I think what everyone refuses to.

Also, Death follows me.

There is not a single person that I dislike, although, there are very few people that do not anger me. The reason for this? Lack of depth. Lack of character. Lack of ambition.

To summarise this short post - love with your mind, think with your heart.

And here, I end page one.

- T -


  1. "Love with your mind, think with your heart."

    I love that. I'm so excited that I am following you, because your posts are filled with so much raw emotion and reality. Thank you for being so awesome. :)

    1. Awh, thank you. That's a lovely thing to say!

      GM x