Tuesday, 20 December 2011

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Dreamers and Thinkers

We live in a world of science – a world that is based, entirely, on assumptions and theories. A universe, which in a manner of speaking, is utterly boundless. The word ‘impossible,’ has become a mythical thing of the past. And so, in order to keep up with the rapid development and growth of the economical world today, we have no choice but to look upon things with a completely open mind. For those who are unable to look at things openly, will surely be left behind, in this magnificent era.

"Most people see things that are there, and ask, 'Why?'. Dreamers see things that aren't there, and ask, 'Why not?'"

This fragment of lyrics, beautifully and articulately worded, is by an artist, more commonly known by the name, ‘Lowkey.’ This artist, however, fails to respectfully acknowledge those who ask "Why?" - I call these people, the thinkers. Those who have made the world what it is today. The individuals, that have managed to consider the most intricate of questions, in order for the world to run its course, effortlessly. For instance, an economist's attention to detail, when considering why waiting staff are paid more than assistant chefs? Or why bars charge for water, but offer peanuts for free? We owe it to the thinkers of our small world, such as Scientists, for the medical breakthroughs and cures. And our Mathematicians, for the revolutionary, 'futuristic,' technology we have today.

We then come to our dreamers – the rare individuals, with the ability to believe. The people we owe it to, for movements such as aid work and charity, the inspiration of art and music and unquestionably, Star Trek. Although the gift of being a dreamer can be somewhat burdening, it offers the rest of the world an escape. Dreamers present to us various methods of relief and liberation, through such things as music, film, drama and writing. It is the dreamers of the world that offer us inspiration, guidance and hope.

Now, we have but a single question. How can we acknowledge he, who is both a thinker and a dreamer? A man who will not only question what is, but will also question what is not. For both qualities to be brought together, so perfectly, is a true rarity - as it can, quite often, be tainted by lack of an 'open mind'.
Surely, upon delving into a Gaping Mind, the mind will be that of both a thinker and a dreamer. The only thing left to do now, is to decide.

Dreamers: Pull the world together.

I know what I am, but what are you?

- T -


  1. I love your little dreamer man!
    This has really got me thinking. I like to think I'm both a thinker and a dreamer. I'm generally an optimist, but I'm also very much a realist, and I think it's important to know the difference, like thinkers and dreamers. Ultimately the two go together really, dreamers dream about things thinkers wouldn't even imagine, and thinkers think about things dreamers wouldn't....

    What are you T? Thinker or dreamer? X Aysh

  2. Well said. Ultimately, they are both such opposites, that when brought together, they merge perfectly.

    And I am a Gaping Mind, of course. A thinker, and a dreamer.

    GM x

    P.s. My 'little dreamer man' loves you too.